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DSPPA | 4K IP-based Distribution Matrix System in Hainan

DSPPA | 4K IP-based Distribution Matrix System in Hainan

Abstract: DSPPA 4K IP-based Distribution Matrix System has been successfully used in the Chest Pain Center of Haikou People’s Hospital in Hainan Province.

PART-01 Project Background

Haikou People's Hospital is a comprehensive Class A tertiary hospital integrating clinical care, medical education, scientific research, wellness, and preventive medicine, and serves as a regional medical center for Hainan Province’s northern region.

PART-02 System Highlight

The system is efficient and stable with a decentralized, server-free fully distributed architecture. The input and output image resolution can reach 4K, and the H.265 encoding and decoding mode can bring you an ultra-high-definition experience.

It can support multi-video image tile, segmentation, and fusion display, which can realize the functions of free stretching, roaming, overlapping, image-in-image, etc.

4K visual distributed integrated management platform supports seamless switching of audio and video signals and image preview, which can control image states at all times, improving meeting efficiency in the hospital.

The system also supports audio synchronous and asynchronous transmission multiplex audio and multiplex video composite.

PART-03 Installation Site

Cabitnet Installation

D6563  8'' 150W Professional Speaker

D6284   Video Conference Camera

PART-04 Product List

PART-05 System Diagram

Users can control and schedule signal sources in different regions in real time through touch control equipment.

DSPPA 4K distributed matrix system can be widely used in conferences, monitoring, multimedia information release, control, and scheduling, etc with the advantage of "security, stability, scalability, interconnection, visualization and convenience"

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