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The Opening Ceremony of New Office of DSPPA was successfully held

On Feb. 28 2019, the opening ceremony of Oversea Department of DSPPA was held in DSPPA Video Museum, Guangzhou.
The opening ceremony was timed to coincide with the DSPPA new product launch, distributors from all over the world have witnessed this exciting moment together with us.

The new office of Oversea Department is located inside the DSPPA Video Museum. The modern office and the historical museum reflect each other, not only highlighting our professionalism, but also displaying 31 years of brand history.
Under the concerted efforts of 6 sales department, 1 exports logistics department, 1 technical support department and 1 advertising department, we are committed to providing customers with the most professional product and the most rounded service. 

The new office is hung with flags from all over the world, implying that DSPPA will sound the world in the future.
Spacious and bright working environment, elegant and chic office equipment with lush greenery, the new office shows great vitality everywhere.
As a part of Oversea Department of DSPPA, we are here to exchange ideas, we are here to look forward to the future.

New environment, new look, new hope. In this new office, everyone is ready to sprinkle the seeds of hope on the fresh land, and expect to harvest in the coming year . On the occasion of the successful opening ceremony of Oversea Department, we hope that the future will be even more brilliant.

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