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DSPPA |【DSP9000 IP-based PA System】Europe-UK College in Dongguan

DSPPA |【DSP9000 IP-based PA System】Europe-UK College in Dongguan
Project Overview
Europe-UK College (EUC) is the first British international high school of Dongguan, which is constructed based on high standard, high quality and high starting point, committed to provide an ideal place for students to study with an ecological, humanistic and international modern campus.

Europe UK College in Dongguan-1

As for the needs for broadcasting, involving bells for classes, background broadcast, paging broadcast and notification broadcast, we DSPPA has designed a distributed network public address system with our DSP9100 (7U) and corresponding network speakers, with an aim to manage the broadcast and further cover the whole college.

Application Effect
Europe UK College in Dongguan-2

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DSP9000 Network PA & Intercom System integrates both network PA system and SIP intercom system together. Compared with traditional IP audio system, it is easy to set up (no need of IP address setting), easy to use (plug and play), more reliable (support online and offline running). The system includes all kinds of network terminals like Network System Host, Network Paging Station, IP Speaker, IP Audio Terminal, IP Amplifier, IP Fire Alarm Panel, Intercom Telephone, Intercom Panel, etc.

DSP9000 Network PA and Intercom System-1

DSP9000 Network PA and Intercom System-2DSP9000 Network PA and Intercom System-3

DSP9000 Network PA and Intercom System-4

Connection Diagram
Connection Diagram of DSP9000 Network PA and Intercom System

We are highly praised by our customers for our system design and sincere services. If you have the similar requirements, DSPPA will be willing to design and render a complete solution to you.

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