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【DSPPA IP Intercom Audio System】Quality Education Practice Base

Abstract: DSPPA IP Intercom Audio System has been applied to Tongxiang Youth Quality Education Practice Base in Zhejiang Province.

Project Background
Tongxiang Youth Quality Education Practice Base, located in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, can expand the supply capacity of local high-quality educational resources, and inject new impetus into the high-quality development of Tongxiang education.

Combined with the smart lamp post and video monitor, DSPPA IP-based video intercom system can realize the following:
1. Video intercom and public address function
2. Information release with text display
3. Smart video monitoring function
4. Smart lighting function
5. PM2.5 environment monitoring function

Product Highlight
MAG6282 IP-based Video Intercom System is a network visualized system, which integrates public address system and intercom system. Through broadcast and audiovisual communication among the administrator, visitors and help-seekers, this system can realize the broadcasting and security management.

Based on the VOIP protocol, the system can not only support zone paging, broadcasting, video intercom, SOS alarm, but connect an IP camera to monitor the situation of each zone. It is widely used in buildings, command centers, prisons, banks, plants, streets, schools, parks, etc.

With DSPPA IP-based Video Intercom System, we can facilitate the broadcasting and security management of the youth quality education practice base, contributing our own efforts in education.

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