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【DSPPA Network PA System】Guangming Primary School in Dongguan

Abstract: With DSPPA Network PA System, we are helping Guangming Primary School to upgrade their public address system.
With DSPPA Network PA System, we have finished the upgrading of the public address system in Dongguan Guangming Primary School.

Project Background
Dongguan Guangming Primary School is a compulsory education standardization school in Guangdong, and one of the key primary schools directly under the Education Bureau, as well as a full-time boarding primary school built in accordance with provincial level school standards.

With the help of our Network Public Address System, the primary school can broadcast different notifications and background musics to different grades, so as to realize zone control and management.

Product Highlight

System Connection Diagram

After upgrading the public address system, the school can broadcast to each zone with centralized control, and can work more conveniently than ever before.

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