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DSPPA | Professional Sound System for Yongji Sports Center

DSPPA | Professional Sound System for Yongji Sports Center

Abstract: DSPPA Professional Sound System has been applied to Yongji Sports Center in Shanxi Province.

Project Background
Yongji Sports Center is a comprehensive large-scale sports venue, including a stadium, a gymnasium, a natatorium and a training center. In the design of sound reinforcement, we should take into account not only the requirements of audio equipment for the sound field of the building, but also the combination of speakers and architectural decoration.

On account of the large venue and multifunctional application of the sports center, DSPPA designs a professional sound system and public address system for the sports center with reference to the national standard, Code for Sound Reinforcement System Design of Auditorium, Gymnasiums and Stadium.

Product Highlight
NO. 1  D6078B Long Range Horn Speaker

NO. 2  D58 Series Wireless Microphone System

NO. 3  D6641H Series Multi-channel Digital Audio Processor

System Connection Diagram

Yongji Sports Center project is a sound reinforcement project mainly for sports events, large-scale gatherings and theatrical performances, and thus it adopts DSPPA professional sound system to cover all included sports venues, rendering a uniform sound field in each audience area. DSPPA will step up efforts to provide professional audiovisual solution with quality service.

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