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DSPPA | 200W All-Weather Horn Loudspeaker for Polish Stadium

DSPPA | 200W All-Weather Horn Loudspeaker for Polish Stadium.

Abstract: By using the 200W All-Weather Compact 2-Way Horn Loudspeaker, the Polish stadium achieved exceptional audio.

The 200W All-Weather Compact 2-Way Horn Loudspeaker has been successfully applied in Stadion CKS Czeladź, a multipurpose stadium in Poland, providing superior audio performance even in difficult weather conditions.

Project Information
Stadion im. Józefa Pawełczyka, also known as Stadion CKS Czeladź, located in Czeladź city, southern Poland, is a multipurpose stadium with a capacity of 2,500 seats.

Besides being CKS Czeladź's home ground, it hosts athletics, cycling, and other events, making it a crucial sports and entertainment venue in the region.

It opened in 1948 and has recently been renovated and upgraded to improve facilities for players and spectators.

Product Highlights

Stadion im. Józefa Pawełczyka has recently upgraded its sound system by installing the 200W All-Weather Compact 2-Way Coaxial Loudspeakers supplied by DSPPA.

DSP3010H 10" Compact Commercial Loudspeaker
The DSP3010H is a weather-resistant, 2-way full-range PA loudspeaker with excellent audio quality for music and speech, suitable for sports facilities, stadiums, racetracks, water parks, etc.

2 Channels & 4 Channels Digital Power Amplifier
Both 2-channel and 4-channel Class D digital power amplifiers offer high efficiency, low heat dissipation, and compact size, making them an excellent choice for a variety of audio applications.

Installation Site
The all-weather horn loudspeaker effectively meets the customers’ demand for clear and loud sound output, which ensures that the intended messages can be heard clearly even in the noisy environment of a stadium.

System Diagram

The reliability and effectiveness of these speakers in open areas have been positively acknowledged by our customers, making them a trusted choice for large venues like stadiums by virtue of their high-quality sound with excellent clarity and range.

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