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DSP9000 IP Classic Solution of Campus

DSP9000 IP Classic Solution of Campus

DSP9000 Network PA & Intercom System integrates both network PA system and SIP intercom system together.
It is simple to set up and reliable to use. Comparing to traditional IP audio system, it is easy to set up (no need of IP address setting), easy to use (plug and play), more reliable (support online and offline running). The system includes all kinds of network terminals like Network System Host, Network Paging Station, IP Speaker, IP Audio Terminal, IP Amplifier, IP Fire Alarm Panel, Intercom Telephone, Intercom Panel, etc. It offers a new IP audio solution to medium to large audio projects such as hotel, supermarket, shopping mall, rest home, school, etc.
Classic IP based solution of Campus Classrooms and corridors

System Functions

DSP9000 IP Classic Solution of Campus

System list

Network Swich
DSP9100S     IP Network Software                                               1
DSP9100      IP Network Server                                                    1
DSP9101     IP Network Control & Paging Station                       1
DSP9301     VOIP/SIP Network Server(100CH.)                            1
DSP9101     IP Network Control & Paging Station                       1
DSP6604      2x20W IP Network Wall Mount Speaker (pair)       20
DSP9152     120W IP Network Amplifier                                      12
DSP8062B/W 20W Wall Mount Speaker with Power Tap            48
DSP9154     650W IP Network Amplifier                                        1
DSP358      120W Waterproof Column Speaker                             4

System Features

Support broadcast different voice message to classrooms, corridors and other areas in campus;
Connect with remote paging microphone in control room to make an announcement in the classrooms and corridors;
Timed playing specific broadcast to remind and guide students;
All the classrooms and corridors can be set as a group, users can broadcast the certain music or make an announcement to it.
Monitoring function is available in the control room to monitor the voice in classrooms and corridors
Using the sub-control to control the classrooms and corridors wherever you are, more convenient for the users to operate the system
With the IP amplifier’s decoding and coding function, voice can be available to the outdoors area, meanwhile the IP column is waterproof and widely accepted by the clients.

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