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DSPPA | Standing Out at 2024 Global Public Safety Expo

DSPPA | Standing Out at 2024 Global Public Safety Expo

Abstract: On June 27, the GPSE 2024 concluded successfully with DSPPA drawing significant attention and showcasing excellence.

On June 27, the 2024 Global Public Safety Expo concluded successfully with DSPPA drawing significant attention at its booth and showcasing its excellence in public safety technology.

GPSE 2024
The 2024 Global Public Safety Expo (GPSE 2024) is an international security industry event that brings together exhibitions, forums, and technical exchanges under one roof. It aims to drive forward the development of the security industry by fostering technological exchange and collaboration.

The expo serves as an essential platform for both exhibitors and attendees to gain insights into the latest advancements in security technology and to stay abreast of emerging trends in the field, creating a vibrant environment for networking, knowledge sharing, and business development.

DSPPA Recap at GPSE 2024
We attracted a diverse audience of global clients and partners throughout the exhibition.

At this exhibition, DSPPA showcased a range of new products and solutions, including the PAVA9500 Voice Alarm & PA System, Long-Range Acoustic Hailing System, PoE6000 Network PA System, and comprehensive conference room solutions.

PAVA9500 Integrated PA & Voice Alarm System

The PAVA9500 integrated public address and voice alarm system supports manual operation and scheduled programming. It features real-time monitoring of device status and logging, designed for small-scale emergency broadcast needs in venues such as small malls, office buildings, and exhibition halls, catering to emergency, daily operational, and background broadcasting purposes.

LRAS1515A Active Long-Range Acoustic System
The LRAS1515A active long-range acoustic hailing device stands out for its portability, elevated sound pressure level, precise directionality, and high intelligibility. It employs directed acoustic beams for effective long-distance communication and crowd control, making it suitable for various applications such as public security and emergency response.

PoE6000 PoE Network Audio System

PoE6000 network audio system is a solution that utilizes Power over Ethernet technology for both power supply and data transmission, enabling audio distribution and management over networks. It is suitable for broadcast applications requiring flexible deployment and centralized control.

What’s more, the ONVIF horn speaker is a network speaker device compliant with ONVIF standards, enabling audio monitoring and broadcasting over networks, suitable for remote sound transmission and alert notifications in security surveillance systems.

Our comprehensive meeting room solutions integrate smart technology, digital capabilities, and eco-friendly designs to enhance team collaboration, reduce environmental impact, and create a futuristic meeting experience, making meetings more efficient, interactive, and environmentally conscious.

At this exhibition, we have presented a diverse range of conference microphone units, designed to meet the varying needs of users and to enhance the audio experience for all types of meetings.

DK6915 Conference Digital Mixer Amplifier

This conference digital mixer amplifier series combines equalization and pre- and post-amplification functions. It offers convenient volume control and a user-friendly operating experience, suitable for various conference and sound reinforcement needs. Additionally, it supports multiple input/output options and remote control, meeting complex audio management requirements.

During the event, our sales team and technical staff presented detailed explanations of the product functionalities and application scenarios, conducting multiple live demonstrations that fully showcased the exceptional performance and innovative design of DSPPA products.

Attendees praised DSPPA for its products and solutions, noting their significant advantages in enhancing security, improving system integration, and reducing operational costs.

Looking forward, DSPPA reaffirms its commitment to technological innovation, aiming to deliver even more sophisticated security solutions and contribute to the vigorous development of the global public safety industry.

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