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DSPPA Ultra Directional Speaker

DSPPA Ultra Directional Speaker
DSPPA Ultra Directional Speaker

DSPPA – Directional Speaker

Enables you to focus a beam of sound to a specific point in the environment and to address the public with precise acoustic content at precise locations.

The LA1525SD speaker offers highly directional distribution of sound, which is reproduced clearly – without distortion – even at high volumes. The sound is of high-quality, with low noise and great frequency response, which includes authentic reproduction of bass notes and frequencies as low as 180 Hz. The speaker itself is easy to use – you only need to connect the mixer amplifier

* Retail
* Museum and gallery installatio
* Fairs and trade show
* Automotive applicatio
* Bars, restaurants etc.
Applications of MP1525
Audio Footprint Comparison
DSPPA's directional speaker audio travels in a focused direction along a narrow beam, unlike typical point source loudspeakers that emit sound waves in all direction.

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