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DSPPA | IP Network PA System for the Int’l School of Budapest

DSPPA | IP Network PA System for the Int’l School of Budapest

Abstract: Our MAG6000 IP Network PA System is applied to the International School of Budapest, Hungary, for enhanced broadcasting.

Our MAG6000 IP network public address system has been successfully applied to the International School of Budapest, Hungary, securing daily broadcasting and emergency broadcasting on campus.

Project Overview
Established in 1996, the International School of Budapest is the largest English-Hungarian bilingual international school in Hungary. It provides international education in a caring environment to children aged 5 to 18 years old, covering preparatory, primary and secondary school education.

We are entrusted to design and install a set of network public address system for the school, helping its daily broadcasting and information dissemination.

The network public address system consists of a host, a remote paging microphone, ceiling speakers and outdoor column speakers, enabling zone management, remote paging and background music broadcasting.

With the remote paging microphone, the administrator can initiate paging to a specific zone or all zones and broadcast emergency notifications, especially in the event of an emergency.

We have installed multiple ceiling speakers in classrooms, corridors and canteen to cover every corner of the school, allowing teachers and students to receive announcements and share a favorable environment.

Ceiling Speakers in Classrooms

Those speakers can be set to different zones for separate or centralized control and can be programmed with timing points for class bells and special activities, thus facilitating classroom management and enriching students’ school life.

Ceiling Speakers in Corridors

Ceiling Speakers in the Canteen

Our IP network ceiling speaker is a PoE-powered speaker and provides all-digital signal transmission for high-fidelity sound quality.

We installed several waterproof column speakers in the outdoor areas, which are designed with aluminum alloy cases and treated with UV-resistant painting on the surface for all-weather operation.

Project Highlight
MAG6000 IP Network PA System
Leveraging all-digital transmission, the MAG6000 IP network public address system functions as a two-way audio sound reinforcement system. Using the distinctive DSPPA protocol, standard TCP/IP protocol, H.264 and SIP protocols, it enables precise encoding and transmission of audio and video signals in the form of data packets over LANs and WANs.

In addition, the system integrates a spectrum of robust features, such as sound restoration, automatic flow regulation, audio and video intercom, multimedia information distribution, and Al-driven alarms.

Project List



Product Name




IP Network PA System Host

1 pc



Remote Control Software

1 pc



32-Channel Emergency Interface Module

1 pc



IP Network Paging Station

2 pcs



CD&MP3 Player

1 pc



PoE IP Network Ceiling Speaker

16 pcs



PoE Column Speaker

3 pcs



Sequence Controller

1 pc

Note: The project list is for reference only.

Project Diagram

Note: The project diagram is for reference only.

With our MAG6000 IP network public address system, the school can easily manage campus broadcasting for information delivery and emergency broadcasting, enhancing campus security and management efficiency.

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