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Another Symbolic Project of DSPPA - Guangzhou Metro Operation Center

November 16th, was destined to be a memorable day.This day,some of our colleagues tried their best to install the PA system in Guangzhou Metro Operation Center.DSPPA PA System applied in Guangzhou Metro Operation Center,with 6 buildings,112 zones in total.18 cabinets full of our DSPPA products,which is another symbolic project for DSPPA.The project is under construction now,will be put into use in April,2016.

18 cabinets full of our DSPPA products

(18 cabinets full of our DSPPA products)

To meet Guangzhou Metro Operation Center Project’s requirement in public address (PA) system construction, DSPPA offers professional PA solutions and equipments based on structure and feature of the Metro Operation Center,which is used our latest Network PA system. With hundreds of amplifiers broadcasting background music (emergency and business broadcast when necessary) in the Metro Operation Center,including dispatch center, DSPPA Network PA System completely cover all the buildings and all zones.The Center of the Network PA system can be compatible with different terminals,including the Player Terminal,Paging Terminal,Help Terminal and so on.The Net-work PA system center integrate each function of Audio player,Zoning selector,Pre-amplifier,timer,Audio matrix and so on.You can remote control this system and time playing,to realize no man guard.

DSPPA PA system in Guangzhou Metro Operation Center DSPPA PA system in Guangzhou Metro Operation Center DSPPA PA system in Guangzhou Metro Operation Center

(DSPPA PA system in Guangzhou Metro Operation Center)

A short introduction of DSPPA:

Being the chief editor of Technical Code for Public Address System Engineering of PRC, we already lead the Audio Product industry in China for 27 years.

Our production line covers from PA amplifier, mixing amplifier, all-in-one amplifier, column speaker, wall mounted speaker, ceiling speaker, horn speaker, garden speaker to PA system, conference system and smart home audio system, etc.

Our products had already been successfully launched to lots of famous projects worldwide, such as, the Winter Olympics 2014(Sochi, Russia), the EXPO 2010(Shanghai, China) and the Olympic Games 2008(Beijing, China).

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