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2022 Annual Meeting of the DSPPA Global Center

2022 Annual Meeting of the DSPPA Global Center

2022 marks the 34th anniversary of DSPPA. On January 22nd, 2022 Annual Meeting of the DSPPA Global Center was held successfully, attended by executives and elites. This annual event was split into four parts: Leaders' Remarks, Recognition Ceremony, Team Show and Lotteries.

1.Leaders’ Remarks

Wang Ting, the CFO of DSPPA, made her remarks about the progress achieved in 2021 and extended her best wishes in the year ahead.

William Wong, the General Manager of the DSPPA Global Center, reviewed the footprints of 2021, and expressed new expectations for 2022 by raising the slogan "Be a tiger with full-fledged wings, be together with billion-sale dreams".

2.Recognition Ceremony

The year of 2021 has seen Outstanding Team, Top Salesmen/Saleswomen, Excellent Staff, Outstanding Newcomers and Bee-like Staff. They tided over difficulties and forged ahead with perseverance and dedication, winning the recognition of clients and colleagues.

Outstanding Team

Top Salesmen/Saleswomen

3.Team Show

There were 8 team shows ranging from singing to dancing, recitation, skit performance, etc., and the top three teams were No. 4 Sales Team, No. 5 Sales Team and the Promotion Team.


The annual meeting was a complete success and full of joys with these wonderful shows.


Lotteries and money wrapped in red envelops as gifts were indispensable parts for such event, which were given to lucky dogs one by one.

Tablets, earphones and money wrapped in red envelops were granted to attendees by surprise.

As 2022 in China is the year of tiger, the DSPPA Global Center wishes it be a tiger with full-fledged wings and be together with billion-sale dreams.

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