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Encounter Spring in DSPPA Garden Courtyard

Encounter Spring in DSPPA Garden Courtyard

Spring is approaching! The breeze blowing, the pretty flowers are blooming on the branches, and the fruits are emerging on the trees, emitting an attractive scent.

Bougainvilleas are enchanting, like flaming fireballs.

Mucuna birdwoodiana (also called ricebird flower or sparrow flower) are in full bloom, like flying elves.

The branches are covered with loquat, with overflowing aroma, making people be salivating.

Full of enthusiasm, Plinia cauliflora looks like a shiny black pearl.

Jackfruit is growing, like a cute “little prince”.

As Zhu Xi, a poet in Song Dynasty, said inA Spring Day,

On a nice day, I wandered by the Sishui River.

The vast scenery was full of flowers.

One must know that it is when warm winds come,

The spring turns into thousands of colors.

DSPPA gives full expression to the charm of spring. ...

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