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Promotion | DSPPA HIFI Speakers at a Customer-Friendly Price

Abstract: Excellent HIFI Speakers! First Come, First Served!

Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Museum is dedicated to creating a perfect combination of sound and art, with the support by Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd., focusing on the audio and video industry for more than 30 years. In 2019, under the leadership of Mr. Qi Jiakun, the Audio R&D team has managed to developDSP-5A Active HIFI Speakers. Compared with the world-famous HIFI speakers collected in the museum, it still can bring us an impressive results.

This set of speakers is developed, produced, tested and commissioned under the instruction of Mr. Qi Jiakun with two invention patents (feedback of speed, and zero phase difference in full-range speaker). It is regarded as a masterpiece as integrated with nearly 60 years of academic achievement of Mr. Qi.

DSP-5A active full-range speakers adopt 1" dome tweeter and 6" high-compliance woofer, with dimension of 192MM(W) * 312MM(H) * 234MM(D). Leveraging oninnovative technology and special design, they have the following advantages:
1. Real and clear sound, closer to the scene.
2. Beautiful and full voice.
3. Frequency response: 40Hz-20KHz, with excellent low-frequency extension.
4. Sensitivity: 85dB, with a strong sense of energy.
5. Phase response: 400Hz-8KHz.

DSPPA Audio Museum DSP-5A speakers are applicable to the following applications: Living Room, Study Room, Meditation Room, Tea Room, Yoga Room, Experience Room, Office and etc..

Living Room

Study Room

Meditation Room

Tea Room

Yogo Room

Experience Room


Related Parameters
I. Specification

II. Frequency Response

In order to thank friends from all walks of life for their attention and support, Guangzhou DSPPA Audio Museum has launched the first-generation limited edition of DSP-5A active speakers at a customer-friendly and affordable price, with a circulation of 100 sets. Each pair of speakers will be printed on the corresponding serial number, with a high collection value. Now, they can be matched with the corresponding HIFI player for sale. The specific combination sets are as follows:

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