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The 31st Anniversary of DSPPA, with hearts and hands, sailing to the future!

The 31st Anniversary of DSPPA, with hearts and hands, sailing to the future!

Things change for the stars, the years are like songs;

It is difficult to attack and climb the peak;

We worked hard and continued to open up.


Thirty-one years of hard work, Despite storm and rain, the DSPPA still stepped forward and faced it!

In the 31st year of precipitation, DSPPA adheres to the use of quality “Win trust”, with professional tree brand, to innovate to the future!

Don't bear the heart, go ahead, witness the 31st anniversary of the 1988-2019 DSPPA Group!

DSPPA have always used patriotism as the spiritual source of power. We inherit the blood of the Chinese nation. Each of us has a heartfelt love for our country. Because there are countries that have a home, there is a room for each of us to survive and develop.

The 31st Anniversary of the DSPPA began at the flag-raising event

Staring at the rising five-star red flag, the impassioned and inspiring volunteers marched in the ear, and the patriotic feelings were in the heart. All the family members of DSPPA are the flag-bearers, waiting for the call of the motherland!

After the flag-raising ceremony, Chairman Wang Heng of DSPPA Group delivered a speech for the 31st anniversary celebration. Thanks to the hard work of the DSPPA people in the past 31 years, we have been working together in the past. In the future, we will continue to work hand in hand to promote integrity, struggle and innovation. The spirit of the DSPPA people continues to give back to the society and let DSPPA contribute its strength to the revitalization of national science and technology!


After the speech, Chairman Wang Heng presented the 10-year contribution award.

In ten years, you have witnessed the growth of DSPPA step by step;

After ten years of hard work, you have contributed your youth in DSPPA;

Ten years of hard work, you have insisted on building a common home for the DSPPA people;

Years are like a shuttle, accompanied by ten years, with one heart and one mind, DSPPA fortunately have you!

▲ Tug-of-war competition

▲Back ball relay

▲ Dripping does not leak


In addition to the fun games, there is also a series of garden activities. We walked with laughter and laughed on everyone's face!


In love and solidarity, DSPPA thirty-first anniversary celebration ended in perfection! The DSPPA people are actively and constantly fighting, let us set sail and embark on a brilliant new journey! When you catch-up in the coming year, it will be full of fruits!

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