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DSPPA | A Promoter of Innovation-Driven Development Strategy

DSPPA | A Promoter of Innovation-Driven Development Strategy

Abstract: We are honored to be awarded “High-Tech Enterprise” and act as a practitioner of innovation-driven development strategy.

Technology-Driven Innovation
Innovation-Driven Development


Recently, DSPPA passed the certification and was identified as a “High-Tech Enterprise” by virtue of its professional R&D teams, strong technical strength, continuous innovation capability, and scientific corporate management.

The certificate was jointly approved by Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, Department of Finance of Guangdong Province, and Guangdong Provincial Tax Service, State Taxation Administration.

The certificate of High-Tech Enterprise recognizes our shared commitment and dedication to pursuing innovation on technology, and manifests the technical R&D capabilities and the overall development strength of our company, giving new spur to our high-quality development.

High-Tech Enterprise

Founded in 1988, DSPPA is a large-scale national high-tech enterprise with strong strength, dedicated to the field of audio and video technology for more than 30 years, and serves as the chief editor of the Technical Standard for Public Address System Engineering of China.

With outstanding technological innovation capability and excellent R&D team, DSPPA has independently developed a large number of advanced high-tech products and secured hundreds of national patents.

Now, with AI technology as the core, DSPPA has strategically upgraded its products to artificial intelligence, and fully brought its self-developed products, such as public address systems, conference systems and recording and broadcasting system, into the AI era.

On December 30, 2022, the list of 2022 Guangdong Excellent High-Tech Product was unveiled, and DSPPA were awarded three certificates, which are associated with Visualized Network PA System, 5G WiFi Conference System, and Distributed Central Control System.

MAG6282 Visualized Network Public Address System is a highly integrated intelligent public address system based on computer network technology, modular and layered architecture. The host can be compatible with terminals with different functions, including visualized paging controllers, visualized outdoor LED screen terminals, visualized intelligent lamp posts, video intercom terminals, etc.

● 5G WiFi Conference System ● & ● Distributed Central Control ●

Those three high-tech systems have been extensively presented to a host of application areas, including schools, gymnasiums, squares, parks, railway stations, airports, business conferences, and international summits, as well as command and control centers.

As one of high-tech enterprises, DSPPA will create a synergy to bolster technology-driven innovation and promote innovation-driven development. We will adopt a new approach to corporate management, step up efforts to increase investment in R&D, foster talent development program, and boost core competitiveness, thus securing the high-quality development of the company.

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