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Amid the COVID-19 epidemic, we DSPPA are dedicated to extending a helping hand to you. Here are some practical systems for you to broadcast epidemic information, command emergency dispatch and work from home.

1. MAG6000 IP Network PA System  --  All in Control

Based on DSPPA protocol and compatible with TCP/IP control,the MAG6000 IP Network PA Systemtakes the advantage of the existing LAN/WAN (like Internet), which can help speed up the construction, save cable laying, and combine different networks together.

Compared with the traditional PA system, the IP Network System is more flexible and can transmit farther.

2. MP30W Simplified Wireless PA System  --  PA on Innovations

With beautiful sound quality, stable transmission and strong penetration of wireless signal,the MP30W Simplified Wireless PA Systemof high integration can be used for daily broadcasting, command and deployment and background musics.

3.Wireless Broadcasting System  --  Wider Coverage

When there is an epidemic,theWirelessBroadcastingSystemcan be used to regularly broadcast epidemic prevention knowledge every day, and timely deliver government initiatives for epidemic prevention and control arrangements and notifications for villagers, enhancing their awareness. Besides, it can cover multiple villages, some forests, or large parks, with maximum range of more than 10km.

However, it can also be used for fire alarms in forests, background musics in parks, and wireless broadcasting in large squares during the non-epidemic period.

4. Remote Video Conference System  --  Business as Usual

The Remote Video Conference Systemis a means of image communication that can hold meetings in the form of video conference by connecting conference rooms in two or more places through communication lines. It can realize real-time transmission of images and sounds of participants, data charts and related physical images.

Amid the COVID-19, it has become the main means for remote deployment and report of many enterprises. Moreover, with the help of the video conference system, the educational institutions and medical institutions have carried out distance education, telemedicine and other tasks.

5. Cloud Remote Video Conference System  --  Make Telecommuting Available

The CloudRemoteVideo Conference Systemhas a Cloud host with a software terminal, supporting mobile phones and computers of various systems.With high definition, good sound quality, high concurrency, high compatibility and low latency, it can bring you a high-quality audio and video effects and excellent experience. Also, the system can support online sharing documents and synchronous display. It must be a good choice for you to work from home.

6. 4K Visual Distributed Integrated Management Platform  --  Full of Possibilities

DSPPA 4K Visual Distributed Integrated Management Platform solves the application limitation and adopts a distributed architecture, ultra-high-definition audio and video transmission processing, and embedded conference recording and broadcasting to realize local audio and video switching at each point, and integrate KVM seat office collaboration and environmental control.

With unified control and dispatch in the command center, it can realize the visual management of the audio and video sources of each point, which improves the decision-making efficiency of command and dispatch, the timeliness of resource release and fault prevention, and high-efficiency of meeting communication, with an aim to providing an overall solution to interconnection, interoperability and mutual control.

7. Cost-effective Commercial Speakers  --  The Strongest Voice

The cost-effective commercial speakers include DSP6011 Ceiling Speaker, DSP117 Wall Mount Speaker, DSP255II Column Speaker and other speakers.

7. Cost-effective PA Amplifiers  --  Lower Operational Costs

Ourcost-effective PA Amplifiers is of high performance and high quality, involving DM839 Network Talkback Music Player, MP60UB Mini Digital Mixer Amplifier, MP30W+MP62W Integrated Wireless PA System and others.

In such special times, as a manufacturer of audio and video conference systems, our company will continue to provide system solutions in a timely manner, in a bid to help governments, enterprises and individuals achieve remote command and dispatch, as well as efficient work.

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