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DSPPA Successfully Attended the CPSE 2021

DSPPA Successfully Attended the CPSE 2021

Abstract: DSPPA has become the exhibitor of CPSE 2021

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center has witnessed the opening ceremony of the 18th China Public Security Expo (CPSE 2021) on December 26th, 2021, attended by more than 1263 exhibitors from 150 countries and regions around the world.

DSPPA brought to the CPSE 2021 the Overall Solution of Command and Control Center, Smart City Audio and Video Solution, and Intelligent 5G WIFI Encrypted Wireless Digital Conference System, coming under the spotlight of the entire exhibition.

Overall Solution of Command and Control Center
To build a smart and safe city, the command center works as the "brain" in the whole process.

DSPPA 4K Visualization Distributed Integrated Management Platform can realize real-time dispatching, audio and video interactive collection, and data cross-control in Control Center, meeting the users' needs of the platform featuring security, connectivity and visualization" .

Smart City Audio and Video Solutions
DSPPA Visual Networked Broadcasting System is more than powerful, as evidenced by its capability to link with IP cameras and monitors, uphold TTS, electronic map, face recognition, visual intercom etc .

♦ Intelligent 5G WIFI Encrypted Wireless Digital Conference System
Built on the full-digital conference system, the 5G WIFI Conference System is better in countering interference by virtue of the 5GHz communication band, providing a no-delay conference system with no compression and zero loss.

CPSE2021 provides a good opportunity for audience to experience a wide range of quality products from DSPPA in person and know better about their characteristics.

On the journey ahead, DSPPA will contribute larger share of public security industry.

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