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Mini USB Sound Box: A sound box transmits the digital audio signals from the USB interface of the main board to the sound box directly, then the built-in D/A conversion circuit processes the signals and output the signals. USB sound boxes can improve the sound quality, because the digital signals will not be disturbed in the transmission process, and the purity of the signals is good. As the core of the USB sound box is the D/A conversion circuit, its conversion precision has a great influence on the performance of the sound box. USB sound boxes process the audio digital signals of the PC terminal through the USB interface to drive the speakers or the earphones to sound.

1. USB sound boxes can basically support the 2012 systems that support USB decoding. Some individual PC systems may have limitations.
2. Mini USB sound box power is limited by the USB safety regulation (Standard: 5V/500mA), it is generally 5V/1A, so the power is generally not more than 3W (5X0.5=2.5W) under THD+N 10%, it can extract the current of the USB interface to increase power. As many 2012 PC have safety regulation for the USB interfaces, the IC and sound box manufacturers will adopt power limitation.
3. Mini USB sound box effect. The IC manufacturers must have conducted market comparison before making mass production, and the technologies are very mature, so the quality is generally assured. As the effect of the sound boxes is related to the loudspeaker and the cavity, so we should pay more attention to these aspects.

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