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AM8318 Multi-room Audio Systems


● High-quality home multi-room music system.。
● With simple and unique appearance design, TFT color screen and full condenser touch.
● Support multi-zone music sharing, with built-in 8 zones.
● With abundant program sources, external USB, built-in 4G storage, net music, net radio and external audio source input.
● Support audio decoding formats: MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, etc.
● With 1 DVD audio input interface, and 2 AUX auxiliary audio input interfaces.
● Support 3 zones to play music in the USB device.
● Support wireless music push function. Through the Wi-Fi connection, the music (including online music) in the smartphone/tablet can be pushed to the host for playback, and the songs in the network hard disk can also be pushed to the host for playback.
● Support net radio function, no need to worry about poor antenna signal.
● Line out, which can be set to follow the designated zone (any one of the eight zones).
● Each zone adopts stereo output. The rated output power of zone 1 is 2×60W, and that of zone 2-8 is 2×30W respectively.
● Each zone name and audio source name can be edited through the mobile phone software for interaction.
● With powerful timing control function, it can edit multiple timing points every day on a single or repeated basis, and control the switch, volume, net radio and MP3 of each zone on a timing basis.
● With IR study function , it can remotely control the external audio devices such as DVD, TV and AUX.
● RJ45 Ethernet interface, which can be connected to wired network or wireless router, and support wireless control of mobile devices such as iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet computers.
● Connect the control panel by hand in hand, convenient for users to control each zone.
● RS232 remote control interface, which can be easily linked with the smart central control system or smart home system.
● Support network time calibration function.
● Support online firmware upgrade.

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AM8318 system is a set of ideal modernized multiroom audio systems. Beside with all the functions of traditional home audio, it is also with:
① Different room can listen to different music program, for example, the aged and the young like different music, then the aged can play traditional opera in their room, and the young can play pop music at the same time in other room.
② Timer function, you can set special program at certain time in advance, for example, you can set alarm o'clock to remind you to get up on time.
AM8318 Multi-room Audio Systems

Each zone and audio source can be renamed by phone software
RJ45 Ethernet socket, support LAN, WLAN, iPhone, Android and iPad to control the system wireless.
2 RS485 socket, easy for user to control each zone
Abide by RS232 communication protocols, can be controlled with other home appliance.
Support automatic time correction & online upgrade firmware.

This system is integrated with MP3 player, Network music, network radio, partitioner, timer, and mixer amplifier, etc. One DVD stereo sound input, 2 AUX inputs and 3 Network modules;8 zones output, this system also has another featured function: Network module, when the host machine is connected with the LAN or WLAN, it allows smartphone play the music from third music player.



Number of Zones

8 Zones

Audio Indicator

AUX IN Sensitivity


AUX IN Resistance


Rated Output Power

Zone 1, 2×60W/8Ω

Zone 2-8, 14×30W/8Ω

Frequency Response

20Hz-20kHz (±0.5dB)


<1% (f=1kHz, 1/3 rated output power)




Stereo output: 775mV±100mV

Amplifier Output Protection

Output short circuit, overload, DC protection

Power Supply


Total Power


Power Protection


Package Dimensions (mm)

(L×W×H) 540×540×230

Dimensions (mm)

(L×W×H) 430×345×132

Gross Weight


Net Weight


AM8318 Multi-room Audio Systems

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