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D6324 12 Channels Infrared Radiation Panel


● Super launch capability, the longest distance of up to 50 meters;
● It has the function of synchronous switch withcomputer;
● A variety of transmit power adjustable (25W) to accommodate different venue environments;
● Emission intensity halving function. Reduce signal power, easy to use in small environment;
● A plurality of radiation units can be connected in series by hand in hand;
● Half angle of emission: ±30º;

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

D6324 is a radiant panel with super infrared radiation capability. A wide range of transmit power can be selected with a distance of up to 50 meters (25W). With the host connection, infrared voice transmitting function can be realized.



Power Supply


Transmitted power


Half angle of emission


RF input: impedance


Maximum coverage distance



Dark/ gray

Dimension(L×W×H mm)




D6324 12 Channels Infrared Radiation Panel

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