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D6215 Digital Conference System Interpretation Host


● Digital conference system interpretation control host;
● Dedicated 8-pin high-density transmission wire connection is applied;
● Can connect 11 interpretation units;
● With 12-channel audio output interface for connecting infrared transmitter host;
● The pressure (3500V) test ensures compliance with safety standards;
● Luxurious and standard aluminum alloy chassis design;
● With 8000V anti-static capability.

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

D6215 is a digital conference system interpretation host, that can be connected to 11 interpretation unit D6229. With the conference control host, it can achieve 11 + 1 language simultaneous interpretation function.



Frequency response


Signal to noise ratio


Harmonic distortion


Cross talk attenuation


Output Power

≤12W/24V each output(when there are 11 outputs together)时)

Maximum power consumption


Static power consumption


Power supply

Switching power supply 100-240V

Size (L × W × H)


Net weight


D6215 Digital Conference System Interpretation Host

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