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CM60 Microphone-Chairman Unit


● Fully digital-control design
● Powered by system Control Unit. The output voltage is a safety voltage, 18V
● The unit is provided with a 1.5m 8P connection line, used for “cross” type line connection
● The condenser microphone with a replaceable windproof cover
● Elongated microphone neck available
● Microphone head with a red ring indicator displaying the speech status
● With a speech switch key and indicator on the front panel of base
● With voice control power-off function: the microphone will be shut down automatically 30 seconds after the speech
● Priority speech function of interrupting speech in the other microphones
● Providing priority music chime
● Free from any restrictions in the system, and can be placed at any location in the system circuit
● With Chairman Only mode
  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection

CM60 is a chairman unit microphone, and is usually used together with its delegate unit CM61. In addition to the functions of a delegate unit, it has several priority functions and thus been used by the chairman of a meeting. It is perfect for conference room application.

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