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D6104VR VGA Seamless Input Card


● Input signal can be multiplied to a resolution of 1080P or 1920x1200 for output
● 1-4 audio output ports correspond to VGA1-VGA4 video output ports one-by-one
● Signal types support manual change: VGA (RGBHV), S-VIDEO, C-VIDEO
● Support 4-channel external audio inputs and outputs
● The optimal transmission distance of VGA input / output is less than 25m (1080P)

  • Introduction

The hybrid matrix switcher is an intelligent matrix switcher with high performance specially designed for the audio and video signal switching, which can be compatible with input / output card of different signal types; the inserted signal cards include: HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI and AV seamless input / output card, which can be combined to solve the integrated audiovisual problem. It supports multiple signal input and output intermixing matrix switching and provides the independent video signal and audio input and output terminal; supports separate transmission and switching of audio and video signal of each channel, which can minimize the signal transmission attenuation with high-fidelity image and sound signal output and can be matched with any input and output card easily.

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