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D6116 2K HD Seamless 16 Channel Hybrid Matrix


● Support 16-channel signal inputs and outputs
● Intelligent matrix system for audio and video signal switching, compatible with different audio signal input/output signal cards
● Signal cards matched include: HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, AV seamless input / output signal cards
● Support multiple signal input and output cross matrix switching, providing independent video signal and audio input and
● output terminals
● The audio and video signals of each video signal are transmitted separately and switched separately to minimize the
● attenuation of signal transmission. The image and sound signals can be output with high fidelity and can be matched
● with the input and output signal cards randomly
● Support power-off protection, power-off memory, audio and video synchronization or separate switching
● With RS232 communication interface and TCP/IP (optional function) control, it can be easily used with personal computer,
● remote control system or various remote control devices
● Mainly used in radio and television engineering, multimedia conference halls, large-screen display engineering, television
● teaching, command and control centers and other occasions
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