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D6558 Desktop Condenser Microphone


● Structure type:The split-structure
● Category: 9.7 back pole capacitive bipolar head
● Directivity:Single sharp pointing
● Sensitivity:-27dB+3dB 40mV/Pa
● Frequency response:100-7000Hz
● Output impedance(±20%):150Ω(Unbalanced)
● The best pickup distance:20-100cm
● Powered by:Two 5AA batteries
● Random attachments:A 1 piece wind shield
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This product is designed based on the frequency response characteristics of human voice and according to the characteristics of acoustic phase interference to suppress acoustic feedback. It integrates frequency high-cut and low-cut technology, with high ability of suppressing acoustic feedback, and high pick-up sensitivity in uni-direction. It has an excellent performance in the sound pick-up for human voice (200-5000Hz).

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