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D6559 Desktop Condenser Microphone


● This product is designed for conference system use. It has wide frequency response,
● excellent resolution of human voice.
● The product adopts cardioid pick-up pattern, with high ability of suppressing feedback
● high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This product is not only wide frequency, and the human voice will be clear, transparent. Under 1000 Hz was micro-heart-shaped features .
1000Hz above was super-cardioid directional, 135 degrees can produce the best effect.


Professional 360 degree powerful plug design


14 back pole capacitance type


Super cardioid


-35dB  3dB  25mV/Pa

Frequency response


Output impedance20%


The best pickup distance


Power supply

2pcs AA battery


windshield cover 1pc

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