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Dante Network System

Based on industry standards, Audinate created Dante, an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology, with near-zero latency and synchronization. Dante is the preferred audio networking solution that has been adopted by more pro-audio AV manufacturers than any other networking technology. Interoperability is not a dream of the future, but a reality today. Hundreds of Dante-enabled products are available from the world’s leading manufacturers, enabling you to mix devices from multiple manufacturers.

  • DT2200 2x2 Dante Audio TerminalDT2200 2x2 Dante Audio TerminalMarch 13, 2018DT2200 is the Hi-Fi audio terminal included in a distributive system and adopts the digital audio transmission technology through Dante LAN network. The matrix function is realized when we utilize the...view
  • DT4000 4x4 Dante Audio MatrixDT4000 4x4 Dante Audio MatrixDecember 5, 2017DT4000 is a high-fidelity audio adapter with distributed system. Dante LAN digital audio transmission technique is adopted. Input and output between Dante devices is realized through matrix. There are...view
  • DT4300 16x16 Dante Digital Audio ProcessorDT4300 16x16 Dante Digital Audio ProcessorDecember 5, 2017Dante LAN digital audio transmission technique is adopted with no suppression, no dissipation, and no delay. It is easy to install and there are 48 kHz audio sampling and 512×512 channels. Input and output between Dante devices are realized through a matrix. There are 16 auxiliary input and output interfaces.view
  • DT4106/DT4112/DT4125/DT4135 Dante Network Power AmplifierDT4106/DT4112/DT4125/DT4135 Dante Network Power AmplifierDecember 5, 2017DT4106/4112/4125/4135 is a two-channel amplifier of Dante PA system.Volume and tune of each channel can be adjusted individually. It has compulsoryinput interface (short circuit available). Three-wire...view
  • DT4200E Dante Network MicrophoneDT4200E Dante Network MicrophoneDecember 5, 2017DT4200E is a desktop microphone with Dante function. Tact switch is set on the pedestal of the microphone. Red LED light tells the status of the microphone. Delicate design in modern style of the pede...view
  • DT4200P Dante Conference MicrophoneDT4200P Dante Conference MicrophoneJune 4, 2018DT4200P is a desktop microphone with the function of Dante, which is suitable for quick installation of any gooseneck microphone with XLRM cannon head. The microphone holder has a light touch switch, ...view
  • DT4100 Dante Network Wall SpeakerDT4100 Dante Network Wall SpeakerNovember 29, 2018DT4100 is a high fidelity speaker with Dante LAN digital audio transmission technique and Bluetooth function. Input and output between Dante devices is realized through matrix. It support cascade conn...view
  • DT4100P Dante Network Wall Mount SpeakerDT4100P Dante Network Wall Mount SpeakerJuly 19, 2017DT4100P is a PoE-powered Dante speaker with LAN digital audio transmission technique and Bluetooth function. Cat-5 cable makes it possible to transmit in long distance.There are two auxiliary audio in...view
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