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DSP-112A 2 Ways with DSP 12-Inch Full Range Professional Loudspeaker


● 96KHz sampling frequency, 64-bitDSP processor, 24-bitA/D and D/A conversion.
● The machine can use WIFI network control Flexible combination of multiple frequency division modules, high and low pass frequency division point can reach 20Hz~20KHz.
● USB and RS485 interface are provided to connect to the computer. The RS485 interface can connect up to 250 machines, and it can be controlled by computer in more than 1500 meters.
● Directly use the panel encoder for function preset or connect the computer to control by PC control software, it is very convenient, intuitive and simple.
● A single computer can store 10 kinds of user programs.
● Each input and output has 10 independent parameter equalization, and the gain range can be adjusted up to ±20dB, and the equalization of output channel is also optional
● Each input and output has delay and phase control and mute setting, with delay function.
● Output channel can control volume, voltage limit and select input channel signal, and can copy all parameters of one channel to another channel for continuous tuning.
● This product has the function of continuous calling and channel naming.

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The product is a set of universal, multi-purpose, external split frequency band DSP processing. Its biggest characteristic is tweeter is clear and bright, medium full mellow.
Box surface classic gray treatment, appearance durable. Multi-point suspension design is more convenient for various forms of design and installation. Used in combination with subwoofer, the low frequency is more powerful, The effect is better. Applicable to various meetings, multi-functional teaching, fitness shops, background music and other occasions.

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