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DSP-112A 2 Ways with DSP 12-Inch Full Range Professional Loudspeaker


● Boasting a 96KHz sampling frequency, a 64-bit DSP processor, and 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion capabilities, this machine stands out in performance.
● It offers WIFI network control, enabling versatile combinations of multiple frequency division modules, achieving high and low pass frequency division points spanning from 20Hz to 20KHz.
● Connectivity options include USB and RS485 interfaces for computer connectivity. The RS485 interface supports connections to up to 250 machines, allowing computer control at distances exceeding 1500 meters.

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  • Specification

The product is a set of universal, multi-purpose, external split frequency band DSP processing. Its biggest characteristic is tweeter is clear and bright, medium full mellow.
Box surface classic gray treatment, appearance durable. Multi-point suspension design is more convenient for various forms of design and installation. Used in combination with subwoofer, the low frequency is more powerful, The effect is better. Applicable to various meetings, multi-functional teaching, fitness shops, background music and other occasions.

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