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Classification of Active Column Speaker

There are two types of active column speaker according to whether they have their own power amplifier. 

It can be divided into professional, home cinema and multimedia by use. Specialty can be divided into performance category, such as BOSE L1, and there are two types of karaoke, which are generally used with large ultra-low sound, which is convenient to carry and can basically meet the needs. There are many kinds of home cinema, which have some crossover with multimedia. Domestic famous brand CAV has a classic product TT4000, which is this type of product. It is also used with a medium - sized subwoofer. The multimedia level can be used with PC monitor, or laptop, or with small TV set, and the price is generally less than 1000 RMB, which can be considered as multimedia level. Generally, the size of the loudspeaker is small, and some products are also used with small low-pitched guns, or the design of 2.1 or 4.1 or 5.1 is integrated with a 4-inch ultra-low tone unit. 

According to the shell material can be divided into a plastic column speaker, aluminum column speaker, and wood column speaker and so on. Generally speaking, the effect of aluminum and wood column speaker is guaranteed to some extent, but unless it is high-cost spray paint treatment, the appearance of wood column speaker is generally not eye-catching, that is, only low-grade multimedia basic products will use wooden column speaker. Some professional use of the acoustic column will also use the wood material, but generally used splint, plus spray paint treatment, the effect can also be guaranteed. The plastic column speaker because of the shell strength is too low, the general effect is poorer, some foreign brand appearance very beautiful plastic sound column actual sound effect is only 200 yuan of common multimedia sound box class.

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