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DSP9130 5.25-inch 30W Round Motorized In-Ceiling Speakers


● Rated Power: 30W;
● Freq. Resp. Range: 80~20kHz;
● Sensitivity(1m, 1W): 88dB±2dB;
● Max. SPL (1m): 102dB±2dB;
● 28 Turbo Worm DC Gear Motor with overload and over-circuit protection;
● The speaker can be automatically flipped, and when there is music, it will automatically flip to the set angle, so that the sound field of the speaker can be changed, so that the listener can get the best effect.
● With a 5.25-inch coaxial unit, equipped with the coaxial unit, clear sound level, mellow, transparent, strong bass;
● Beautiful appearance design, high-quality plastic injection-molded shell, and high-quality iron mesh, the product is sturdy and durable.

  • Introduction
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DSP9130 round motorized in-ceiling speakers is a 30W motorized speaker with the features of automatic flip and adjustable angle. Equipped with coaxial unit and 28 turbo worm DC gear motor with overload and over-circuit protection, it is durable for use, safe and sturdy, which is ideal for background music systems, home theatre, multi-function conference hall, small conference room and so on.



Speaker Unit

5.25” ×1"


Rated Power(RMS)


Peak Power


Freq. Resp. Range






Product Size (L×W×H)


Net Weight


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