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PC1076 Power Sequence Controller


● Turn on or off the power of 16-channel controlled devices in sequence.
● Support auto or manual control through a timer.
● Support auto power-on with a short-circuit signal.
● With a total socket capacity of 3.5kVA.
● Can display the working voltage.
● Can support remote control of PC and network public address system host.
● Adopt a hand-in-hand connection method.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This product is a power sequence controller, which can turn on or off the power of 16 channels of controlled devices in sequence, with auto and manual control. It can turn on the power when it receives a short-circuit signal. Also, it can support remote control of PC and network public address system host.



Power Socket Output Capacity

Total capacity 3.5kVA, 16 channels.

220V, maximum output current 10A per socket

Timer Control Signal

Network trigger signal

Action Interval

About 0.5s

Working Power

AC 220V/50Hz



Package Dimensions (mm)

(L×W×H) 555×455×185

Machine Dimensions (mm)

(L×W×H) 484×320×88

Gross Weight


Net Weight


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