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PC1065 Preamplifier


● With multiple input/output ports: 1 unbalanced priority microphone port; 2 unbalanced microphone ports; 2 balanced microphone ports; 3 unbalanced audio source input ports; 2 balanced audio source input ports; 2 EMC emergency input ports; 4 output ports.
● Support full touch button operation.
● With independent volume control for each channel and master volume control.
● With treble and bass tone control.
● With a high-brightness LCD screen to display the volume scale position and volume value of each channel, the signal dynamic amplitude, the treble and bass tone scale position, etc.
● With priority function and automatic mute function (with override function).
● With a built-in chime generator.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This product is a preamplifier with multiple input/output ports, including 1 unbalanced priority microphone port, 2 unbalanced microphone ports, 2 balanced microphone ports, 3 unbalanced audio source input ports, 2 balanced audio source input ports, 2 EMC emergency input ports and 4 output ports. It has a high brightness LCD screen to display the volume scale position and volume value of each channel, the signal dynamic amplitude, the treble and bass tone scale position, etc. Besides, it has address setting function. Through address setting, a system can connect up to 16 machines in parallel.



Nominal Input

MIC1, MIC2 & MIC3: 600Ω, 5mV, unbalanced

MIC4 & MIC5: 600Ω, 5mV, balanced

EMC1 & EMC2; AUX1, AUX2 & AUX3: 10kΩ, 300mV, unbalanced

AUX4 & AUX5: 10kΩ, 300mV, balanced

Nominal Output


Frequency Response

20Hz-20kHz(±3dB), line input


AUX: 0.05%, MIC: 0.3% (0dB)


MIC input: >70dB

AUX input: >70dB


Bass: ±10dB(100Hz)

Treble: ±10dB(10kHz)


Each time the button is pressed, the melody is “1-3-5-ì-”, with adjustable volume.


AC fuse×1 (220V: F0.6AL, 110V: F1AL)

Power Supply


Package Dimensions (mm)

(L×W×H) 555×455×185

Machine Dimensions (mm)

(L×W×H) 484×320×88

Gross Weight


Net Weight


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