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EC216 Compressor / Limiter

  • Introduction
  • Specification
  • Connection




RF balanced input

Input Impedance

50kΩ balanced /25kΩ unbalanced

Input Level

+4dBu/-10dBu switchable

Maximum Input Level

+21dBu balanced & unbalanced

Output Impedance

60Ω balanced /30Ω unbalanced

Maximum Output Level

+21dBu balanced & unbalanced

Frequency Response



>-95dBu, non-weighted state,22Hz-22kHz

Harmonic Distortion

0.04% @+4dBu,2kHz, gain 1

Noise Threshold

Variable (OFF-10dBu)

Compression Threshold

Variable (-40~+20dBu)

Compression Ratio

Variable (1:1~∞:1)

Start Time


Release Time


Auto Start Time


Auto Release Time



Variable (-20~+20dB)

Working Voltage


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