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DA8001 Amplifier & Speaker Line Detector


● 1U aluminum alloy panel, highly integrated and modular design.
● Amplifier changeover and speaker line supervision 2 in 1.
● The main power amplifier configuration is flexible, which can realize 8 mains and 1 backup, 7 mains, and 1 backup.... 1 main and 1 backup.
● Power amplifier status detection, real-time feedback, automatic backup.
● Speaker line supervision supports manual or automatic detection(open circuit, short circuit, ground).
● Integrated bus RS485 communication interface, which can realize remote automatic control.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This device is an intelligent device that integrates power amplifier detection, automatic backup, and partition monitoring. It provides third-party programmable connection and SDK protocol interface to realize real-time status monitoring. It is an ideal choice for intelligent broadcasting systems.



Single zone control power

800W rms max /100V 8A

Amplifier fault detection

8 main power amplifiers + 1 backup power amplifier

Speaker zone failure detection

8 zones

Detection time

No detection, 5 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours.

Measurement accuracy

±10% Line Impedance

Power supply

AC 90~264V  0.1A






483×44×368 mm

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