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MAG2108 8 Zones Controller with Remote Paging & Timing


● With 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen
● Support programable timing function and customized remote control function
● RS485 control BUS, MODE BUS protocol, two-way communication
● Support remote paging station, can realize remote paging,audio input, business broadcast, zone control, power control etc.
● With EMC broadcast function, support all zone trigger from the host or the external EMC signal
● Built in 4G Flash storage card, support max 32G external TF card
● With USB 2.0 interface,for transfer file between host with storage card
● Built in FM function
● 1 local Mic input, 2 Aux input, 4 Aux output, 1 remote paging Mic output
● Support up to 16 channels remote paging station
● With 8 channels programable zones and 4 channels programable power
● With password login control, password is customized
● With power off memory function, for auto previous content

  • Introduction
  • Specification

This product integrates high-quality programmable media player, FM radio, 8-channel programmable partition, 4-channel programmable power supply, program-controlled microphone console, over-the-horizon wireless remote control, fire linkage and other functions in one, supports RS485 bus, MODE BUS communication protocol, and the control and management of peripheral equipment, as well as the third-party system integration. It can flexibly realize functions such as background music playback, unattended timing + fixed point + fixed track (music/alarm) playback, program control, on-demand, insertion, remote control playback, and automatic microphone trigger linkage. It is suitable for background music playback, unattended alarm, and temporary broadcast in such places as schools, kindergartens, factories, supermarkets, stores, cafes, parks, communities, etc.
This product adopts 2U industrial chassis design. It is provided with 2-channel amplifier input terminals (connected to amplifier), 8-channel programmable partition output terminals (connected to speakers), 4-channel programmable AC220V power outputs, 1-channel short-circuit dry contact trigger signal, and 3-channel RS485 interfaces (expand peripheral equipment).



Storage Mode

Built-in 4G flash disk or external TF card

Audio Format

MP3, WMA, WAV, etc.

Radio Mode

FM 87.0-108MHz


LINE 500mV Unbalanced





Frequency Response


Controllable Power Output


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Dimensions (mm)


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