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MAG6389L Network Outdoor Waterproof Slave Column Speaker


● All-weather design, waterproof unit, suitable for indoor and outdoor, long life, high sensitivity (93±2dB), clear and bright sound.
● The maximum sound pressure level of the speaker is 109±2dB, and the effective frequency range is as wide as 120Hz ~ 19kHz.
● Rated power 40W, low power consumption settings.
● Waterproof level IPX6, designed with waterproof structure.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

MAG6389L is a 40W network outdoor waterproof slave column speaker, with waterproof unit, with high sensitivity, sound pressure level up to 109±2dB. It mainly works with the master speaker MAG6389, and suitable for indoors and outdoors.



Acoustic System

Drive Unit

4”× 4, 4”× 2.5

Sensitivity (1m, 1W)


Max. SPL (1 m)


Frequency Response


Rated Power (RMS)


Power Supply


Package Size (L×W×H mm)

711× 315× 225

Machine Size (H×W×L mm)

657× 150× 120

Gross Weight (2PCS)


Net Weight


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