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MAG6389 Network Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker


● All-weather design, waterproof unit, suitable for indoor and outdoor, long life, high sensitivity (100±2dB), clear and bright sound.
● The maximum sound pressure level of the speaker is 108±2dB, and the effective frequency range is as wide as 120Hz ~ 19kHz.
● Support maximum 48kHz sampling rate and 16bit digital audio stream decoding
● Built-in 2×40W digital amplifier (40W for the master and slave column speaker), low power consumption settings.
● Can play background music, emergency paging, alarm signals, and others from the system host.
● Waterproof level IPX6, designed with waterproof structure.
● Live ambient sound monitoring function.
● The built-in TF card can realize the offline timing point function.
● The time system will not be reset after the built-in clock chip is powered off.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

MAG6389 Networked Outdoor Waterproof Sound Column is a modern network playback terminal based on TCP/IP transmission protocol, which has a fully digital analog-to-digital conversion signal processor combined with high-fidelity speakers to realize the integrated design of the processor and the column speaker. The remote audio data stream can output audio signals through this unit, and directly emit sound from the sound column, which is controlled by the host intelligently.



Acoustic System

Drive Unit

4”× 4, 4”× 2.5

Sensitivity (1m, 1W)


Max. SPL (1 m)


Frequency Response


Rated Power (RMS)


Amplifier System

NET Playback

Built-in Amplifier

Frequency Response






Power Supply


Package Size (L×W×H mm)

711× 315× 225

Machine Size (H×W×L mm)

657× 150× 120

Gross Weight (2PCS)


Net Weight


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