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MAG6424 4 Channels Network Speaker Line Detector


● 1 channel or 4 channel line detection function
● The detection range of line impedance is 20-1600 ohms
● Each power amplifier/zone has the switch setting of line detection function; e Each power amplifier/zone has the function of line impedance detection and calibration;
● Support the display of 5 states of short circuit:open circuit, overload, light load, and normal on the host partition;
● Support the system to detect when the system is idle and not to detect when it is busy;
● Built-in buzzer, alarm when the line is abnormal.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

The device MAG6424 is a 4-channel line load detector. It is used for supporting networked PA system, and can be used with two products of networked system, one or four audio output terminals, four audio output terminals and other series of power amplifier products.



Impedance Detection Range


Impedance Open Circuit Range

>+25% Calibration Value;

Impedance Overload Range

+15%<Calibration Value<+25%

Normal Range of Impedance

-15%<Calibration Value<+15%

Impedance Light Load Range

-15%<Calibration Value<-25%

Impedance Short Circuit Range

<-25% Calibration Value

Signal Input


Signal Output


Power Consumption


Power Supply


Package Dimension(LxWxH)


Product Dimension(LxWxH)


Gross Weight


Net Weight


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