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DSP208 Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker


● Made of aluminum
● Rated power : 20W
● Max SPL: 102dB
● Wide Freq.Resp.:140Hz-14kHz
● High sensitivity: 89dB
● High sensitivity and high dynamic range.

  • Introduction
  • Specification

DSP208 is an outdoor waterproof column speaker built-in 70v/100v transformer. The 70v/100v transformer technique reduces line losses on longer distance and allows easy parallel connection of multiple loudspeakers.

The built-in 4''x2, 2.5''x1 two-way speaker drivers are designed of wide frequency response 140-14kHz, the power output of 10W could meet different applications varies from room size and ambient noise surroundings. Easy and secure wall mount through the mounting hook.

This column speaker is ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications in the indoor area of hotel, school, office, restaurant and factory where background music and paging is needed.

DSP208 Outdoor Waterproof Column SpeakerDSP208 Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker

dsppa Outdoor Waterproof Column Speaker

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