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Structures and Characteristics of Paperless Conference System

1. The structure of the paperless conference system


(1) Hardware

Server: a high-performance server is used, and all content is stored on the server for easy management.

Shielded network: the bandwidth of 100OM meets the speed of file extraction in the conference environment.

Client: The terminal NC is matched with a 15.6-inch LCD lifter to provide a wide field of vision and no radiation.

(2) Software


System software: Linux SERVER operating system;

Workstation system: Windows 7.

(3) Interface

External information access port: network.

2. Features of the paperless conference system


(1) Keep secret

With the continuous acceleration of the national informatization process, the problem of information security has become more and more prominent, which has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. In the traditional transmission of paper meeting documents, because each meeting is held, the chairperson needs to edit the agenda and content of the meeting, and print, copy and bind the documents. Due to the many intermediate links, it brings many unforeseen risks to the confidential meeting. Our confidential paperless conference system can fundamentally eliminate various hidden dangers brought by the traditional method.

(2) Economize

In government agencies, scientific research institutions, and various enterprises and institutions, there are many meetings every year, and the amount of paper used for meeting materials is large. It does not adapt to the development of the information age. At the same time, it is not in line with building an efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly society. Paperless conferences can not only greatly improve work efficiency, but also have far-reaching significance for environmental protection and energy conservation.

3. There are three main bottlenecks in solving the speed problem of paperless conference system


(1) Server; (2) Network link; (3) Workstation.

In this plan, we focus on improving the speed from the above three aspects.

Server: 12-core CPU high-speed server is selected to improve the response speed of the system, and is equipped with a dual Gigabit network card.

Network link: we use Category 6 shielded network. In the entire data transmission link, our Gigabit network card, Gigabit interface switch, and Category 6 shielded cable can ensure the physical foundation of the Gigabit network.

Workstation: according to the actual needs of institutions with previous engineering experience, since the data extracted by the workstation from the server is still calculated locally, the operation speed of the local workstation will also affect the overall speed.


Through the above analysis, it can be ensured that the speed of the entire paperless conference system can run at a high level and work efficiency can be ensured.

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