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【Milestone】Major Breakthrough in DSPPA Command Center Project

Abstract: Major headway was made in DSPPA command and control center project.
With the rapid development of modern information processing technology, various enterprises and institutions have higher and higher requirements for office modernization. It is supposed that the smart modern multifunctional conference room should integrate audios, videos, communications, computers, multimedia and other advanced technologies.

In 2020, DSPPA has made a major breakthrough in the large-scale command and control center, which has been successfully applied tothe integrated emergency command and dispatch center of Tangshan City, Hebei Province. The command and control center integrates remote dispatch command and public information services, with 5 main functions of road net status monitoring, vehicle depot supervision, rental management service, road law enforcement management, and public information services. Therefore, it is an important guarantee for Tangshan City Government to respond to emergencies!

In order to meet the actual needs of Tangshan emergency management office, DSPPA has equipped the hall and conference rooms with 4K distributed integrated management platform, digital conference system, central control system, sound reinforcement system and peripheral equipment.
With distributed architecture deployment, the platform can easily realize HD video signal acquisition, lossless compression transmission, and true restoration of the display information of each system, effectively improving the decision-making efficiency of command and dispatching, the timeliness of resource release and failure prevention, and simplicity of meeting communication.

In order to meet the needs of personnel in the command and dispatch center for speech and discussion, the command and dispatch center is equipped with an intelligent digital conference system, which can not only switch freely among 5 speech modes, but support automatic camera tracking, conference recording and other functions to ensure the safety, stability and order of the conference.

Besides, the command and dispatch center is equipped witha professional sound reinforcement system. Through professional audio processing and feedback suppression, the on-site sound is clear and loud, with highly restored human voice. Also, it is provided witha central control system, which can achieve uniform control of the conference equipment, lighting, air conditioning, projector, projection screen and others in the conference room.

The major breakthrough of the DSPPA Command and Control Center project in 2020 marks a new technological milestone!

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