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DSPPA | Enchanting FISU World University Games with Innovation

DSPPA | Enchanting FISU World University Games with Innovation

Abstract: DSPPA shines bright at Chengdu Universiade, providing stable audiovisual technology and professional support.

As is reported, DSPPA provides stable audiovisual technology and professional support for multiple venues of the 31st FISU World University Games, enchanting Chengdu Universiade with innovative solutions.

FISU World University Games
On the evening of July 28th, the opening ceremony for the 31st FISU World University Games kicked off in the Chengdu Dong'an Lake Sports Park Stadium, where young people from all over the world gathered to share a wonderful time.

——FISU World University Games, Opening Ceremony / TV Live

DSPPA is in Action!
DSPPA's outstanding audiovisual technology capabilities and extensive experience in serving large-scale sports events have once again earned the spotlight at the World Comprehensive Games, with its products shining bright and showcasing exceptional performance.

DSPPA in Chengdu Universiade
DSPPA Network PA System, Remote Video Conference System, Professional Sound Reinforcement System, 4K Visualized Distributed Integrated Management Platform and other products have all provided robust audiovisual support for various venues of the Universiade, meeting the diverse audio and video usage needs of each scene.

FISU World University Games | IP Network PA System
The Chengdu Universiade's closing ceremony will take place at the Chengdu Open-Air Music Park. A stable and powerful network PA system will ensure the ceremony stays on schedule, along with higher technical services and stricter facility construction standards for a perfect presentation.

DSPPA Garden Rock Speaker has clear and transparent sound quality, high reproducibility, which can make the audience in all parts of the park feel the live audio broadcast and create a good live atmosphere.

Technical Support for Universiade
Throughout the event, DSPPA's professional technical service team has taken on the heavy responsibility of providing high-quality standard service to ensure the successful holding of all Universiade events, shielding for this international sports event with utmost care and precision.

Photo Note: Parts of Venues in Universiade

FISU World University Games, in Chengdu, Sichuan
DSPPA has innovated and strengthened its product and technology for over 30 years to safeguard the successful holding of all kinds of events at home and abroad.

In the future, DSPPA will continue to use audio and video technology as an engine to enhance its core competitiveness and enable technology to empower more new scenarios!

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