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DSPPA | Paperless Conference System for Court Project, Zhanjiang, Guangdong

DSPPA | Paperless Conference System for Court Project, Zhanjiang, Guangdong

Abstract: DSPPA D7600 Paperless Conference System has been used in a court project in Zhanjiang, Guangdong province.

Project Background
In order to actively promote the paperless conference process, a court in Zhanjiang responded to the national policy, and needed to build an environmentally friendly, efficient paperless conference system to meet the needs of meetings in court at all levels and improve the efficiency of government affairs.

System Highlight
The D7600 series paperless conference system consists of network, server system, and paperless conference terminal (including server-side software and client-side software).

DSPPA intelligent paperless conference system integrates AV and IT technologies into all aspects of the conference and throughout the conference, providing a reliable and practical conference platform for conference managers and participants.

With simple, user-friendly and intuitive UI interface, the D7600 series paperless conference system also has a high level of security and confidentiality while improving conference efficiency.

Main Product
D7600 Paperless File Management Server

Centralized and effective management of one or more conference rooms
Manage and distribute files to the terminals in the conference room, and be responsible for the processing of conference files
4-channel video signal can be input to each conference terminal at the same time
Support functions such as sign-in, voting, document projection, document on-screen,
document annotation, etc. on the conference terminal screen

D7600P Paperless Conference System Management Software
The management software has centralized interface management of the system, conference room, terminal equipment, etc., which is the core platform for users to manage and operate the entire conference.

D7615P Ultra-thin Conference Terminal with Lifting Monitor

D7615P has a 15.6-inch LED screen with a resolution of 1920*1080 and supports 10-point touch.

D7612Q Mini Conference Host
D7612Q features light weight, high strength, and better thermal conductivity, with the industrial integrated motherboard, and supports automatic recovery of Windows system after hot swap.
Installation Site

Product List

Note: The drawing and list in this article only show some products of the project and are for project reference only.

System Diagram

The D7600 series paperless conference system optimizes conference management, saves time and labor costs, and increases the interactive experience of participants, which has been recognized by many government agencies and institutions.

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