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DSPPA | MAG6000 IP Network PA System in Olkaria Power Plant, Kenya

DSPPA | MAG6000 IP Network PA System in Olkaria Power Plant, Kenya

Abstract: DSPPA MAG6000 IP Network PA System has been used in Olkaria I Additional Unit 6 Geothermal Power Plant, Kenya.

Project Background
Olkaria I Additional Unit 6 Power Plant, located in the Hell’s Gate National Park in Olkaria, Nakuru County, Kenya, aims to inject 83.3 MWe into the national electricity grid, and further diversify Kenya’s electricity mix as well as ensure a sustainable supply of clean electricity to drive Kenya’s economic development.

We are honored to get the support of our customers and share with you the successful application of the Network PA system in the power plant.

System Highlight
In the event of an emergency in the power plant, terminals in each area can intercom to the main control room for assistance, and the system supports broadcasting to the entire plant or selective areas to guide the safe evacuation of personnel

The MAG6000 Network PA System can support multiple network modules to achieve corresponding functions. The MAG6416II 32 Channels Emergency Interface Module and MAG6418 Telephone Paging Module are mainly applied to the project.

Main Product
MAG6182II(Windows) / MAG6182L(Linux)
IP Network PA Center

PoE1028 SNR Self-adaptive PoE Network Sensor
Our POE1028 can monitor the volume of the on-site environment, upload the data to the network PA host, and automatically adjust the output volume of each zone according to the change of the environment volume, so as to maintain the signal-to-noise ratio of the scene.

Installation Site
MAG6589 IP Network Paging Station&MAG6505 Network Intercom Terminal
&MAG6408 IP Network Column Alarm Terminal

PoE1028 SNR Self-adaptive PoE Network Sensor&DSP602EN 6.5” Fireproof Ceiling Speaker&DSP304HI Outdoor Waterproof Horn Speaker.

Product List

Note: The drawing and list in this article only show some products of the project and are for project reference only.

System Diagram

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers for their support and trust. DSPPA will continue to provide our customers and friends with more professional project training, as well as remote technical guidance.

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