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DSPPA | D6801 Wireless Conference System for Huopu Mine Safety Training Center

DSPPA | D6801 Wireless Conference System for Huopu Mine Safety Training Center

Abstract: DSPPA Wireless Conference System has been applied to Huohu Mine Safety Trainning Center in Guizhou province.

Project Information
Huopu Mine Safety Training Center of Guizhou Panjiang Refine Coal Co.,Ltd, located in Huopu town, Panjiang City, Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, mainly provides coal mine safety training to effectively improve the safety awareness and technical quality of employees.

System Highlight
In this project, our DSPPA mainly designed relevant conference system solutions for two conference room of safety training center to meet the daily training needs, and also creates an environmentally friendly and efficient conference mode.

A set of digital conference speech system is configured in each conference room, including a conference host, a chairman unit and 2 delegate units.

The wireless conference host adopts mature 2.4GHz adaptive frequency hopping spread spectrum (ADFHSS) technology, it has good confidentiality and strong anti-interference ability to prevent eavesdropping and unauthorized access.

Product Introduction
We use MX2500II and MX3000II professional stereo power amplifiers with 2 full-range speakers and 2 subwoofer speakers in each conference room respectively to meet the sound field needs of the venue.

D6802L Chairman Unit (Lithium battery)

D6803L Delegate Unit (Lithium battery)

D6569 600W18'' Subwoofer Speaker

D6564 250W 10'' Full Range Speaker

Installation Site

In this conference system, when the delegate mics D6802L and D6803L speak, the audio is sent to the mixer DMX16 after being processed by the host D6801, and then to the feedback suppressor D6573 and the processor D6643H, to the amplifier and to the speaker so as to achieve local sound reinforcement.

Connection Diagram
In addition to the safety training center, DSPPA wireless conference system can be also widely used in round table conference rooms, square table conference rooms, banquet halls, multi-function halls and other places with its strong anti-interference, high flexibility, and easy installation.

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