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Method for Distinguishing Digital and All-digital Conference System

Many novices only know the brand to look at the appearance when purchasing a conference system, and then simply look at the function. They think the conference system is very simple, it is nothing more than functional satisfaction, and the sound pickup quality is OK. But in fact, the conference system looks similar on the surface, but the core architecture is quite different. The current mainstream products can be divided into two major categories in terms of architecture. Now let DSPPA teach you how to distinguish between digital and all-digital conference systems.


1. Noise of digital and all-digital conference systems

Because the digital conference system adopts analog transmission, the number of units is proportional to the noise, and the audio part is very susceptible to environmental factors. The number of units of the all-digital conference system has no direct relationship with noise, and the interference factors of the line are greatly reduced.

2. The expandable number of digital and all-digital conference systems

The digital conference system is limited by RS485 for unit IDs, and the number of system expansions is limited. There is no limit to the number of IDs that can be allocated in all numbers. Therefore, a conference system with an all-digital architecture can have a huge expandable number.

3. The flexibility of digital and all-digital conference system applications

In the report application, the speaking position is often changed. For a digital conference system, the newly inserted microphone can be detected only after it needs to be shut down and restarted. If the microphone is plugged in or unplugged in the power-on state, it is easy to produce an impact sound in the speaker. The all-digital conference system can be plugged into any unit for use when it is turned on.

4. The transmission rate of digital and all-digital conference systems

This aspect is mainly reflected in the huge difference in the speed of voting results. Compared with the digital conference system, the time for collecting unit voting results of a fully digital conference system is more than a hundred times different.

5. Improved stability of digital and all-digital conference systems

The RS485 control structure of the digital conference system causes that if the data is in a bad state, the system cannot be corrected in real time, which will cause a single microphone and all the microphones behind the microphone link to freeze or freeze, and the host must be restarted to return to normal. The all-digital conference system crashes in the state of poor contact, only need to reinforce or re-plug the microphone line to solve the problem.

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