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【MAG6000 Network PA System】Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

【MAG6000 Network PA System】Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

Abstract: DSPPA MAG6000 Network PA System is applied to Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.

The new headquarters building of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), located in the business center area of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, integrates banking, conferences, high-end office buildings, catering, shopping and other business formats, with 206 meters in height. After completion, it will become an important landmark in Ethiopia and the tallest building in East Africa.

In a bid to meet the basic functions of business broadcasting, paging, and emergency broadcasting, and ensure that the background music programs in other areas will not be affected when broadcasting to a certain area, the project adopts DSPPA MAG6000 network public address system, which has powerful timing broadcast function and zone management function, and can meet the needs of customers for distributed installation of devices to multiple weak current rooms.

MAG6182II Network Public Address System is a highly integrated and intelligent public address system based on computer network technology, modular and layered construction. The system adopts fully digital transmission, with local area network as the main transmission medium, and transmits to any place covered by the network. It can use the existing LAN architecture for fast construction and investment saving, realize the integration of multiple networks with powerful interactive functions.

The host can be compatible with terminals with different functions, including playback terminals, on-demand terminals, paging terminals, one-key emergency help terminals, etc. The host itself integrates audio player, partitioner, preamplifier, timer and powerful audio matrix functions.

We will keep follow the bank project and ensure the daily normal operation of the network public address system of the bank.

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