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Precautions for Purchasing a Wireless Conference System

Wireless conference systems have gradually been familiar with the public, ranging from national summits to ordinary offices, and more and more companies purchase wireless conference systems. Below we have compiled some precautions for purchasing a wireless conference system.

1. Does the voice in the wireless conference system sound natural?


The conference system should improve the clarity of the conference room to avoid hearing fatigue of the participants. To achieve this, the conference system should produce natural sound at a comfortable sound level. Before making a decision, we should preferably compare different products together. Listening to a poor-quality or unnatural sound system can make the participants feel annoyed and go against the original intention of the system.

2. The wireless conference system requires high-quality batteries


Obviously, the absence of wires means that battery power is required. Ensure that the battery of the conference system can continue to supply power during the conference, and it is best to supply power for more than one conference. It is important to understand that batteries using old technologies (such as NiMH) will be consumed faster over time due to the "memory effect". So it is best to choose Li-ion: it has little or no "memory effect" and can be charged before it is fully discharged.

3. Select the appropriate wireless technology for the wireless conference system

There are two main technologies for wireless conferences: radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR). Choose the most suitable one (or both) according to how the conference system is used.

4. Is the wireless conference system compatible with wireless LAN?


In most cases, RF-based systems provide maximum flexibility. However, from an IT management perspective, it is important to understand how the new system integrates with the existing (wireless) infrastructure.

Looking for a conference system that provides a large number of channels in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency range to facilitate channel planning. In this way, the meeting can proceed smoothly without restricting the use of wireless LAN.

5. Understand the minimum available configuration of the wireless conference system


The wireless conference system has at least an access point or a base station, and a wireless representative unit. But some systems also require another central unit and additional software for control. Make sure you know the complete configuration which is required. Appropriate complete configuration can avoid unnecessary budget costs.


6. Limitations of the wireless conference system

Take some time to understand the limitations of the conference system. Understand what the system can do and master the key points. But thinking from the opposite perspective, that is, considering the limitations of the system, we can find out unexpected things. If the requirements change, or the important aspects in the initial requirements list are ignored, the consideration of system limitations can avoid unnecessary trouble.

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